Common sense in traffic

Since 3 weeks my car is standing behind the house (got my driving license suspended for one month … :oops: maybe I’ll write about how it happened later on) which means on mondays and fridays, my commuting days, I am driving to/from work with a colleague. I am sitting on the right side, of course. Therefore I had more time to oberve what happens in traffic, small details which you miss when you are driving yourself. Reading another similar post about Common sense on the phone, I said I would post couple of personal common sense rules when driving. So, in random order:

  1. If you change the lane, signal!
  2. Signal BEFORE you change the lane.
  3. On the highway, drive on the right as much as possible. Left lane is for passing, not for driving with 90km/h and admiring the view
  4. Don’t slalom on the highway. If you see a slow truck on the right lane in front of you, don’t go on the right lane only to come back 2 seconds later on the left lane.
  5. Don’t break 20 times a minute! Keep your distance and break only if necessary, otherwise just take your foot off the accelerator.
  6. At a stoplight, don’t be an idiot and flash/honk the guy in front of you the nanosecond it’s green.
  7. Don’t sit on the left lane if you want to make a right, and the other way around.

That’s all I can think of right now.

4 Responses to “Common sense in traffic”

  1. ohoooooo da’ nici nu vrei multe tu…
    mi-e ciuda pe pietonii care traverseaza in sensul giratoriu de se blocheaza toata intersectia
    pe camioanele care depasesc pe dealu’ negru la urcare, formeaza coloana dupa ele, iar in final, constata ca nu au cum finaliza depasirea si intra la loc. Numa’ bine cat se ingusteaza drumul la loc.

    …la astea mai merita copt putin. si adunate tot asa, in cele x porunci din trafic! Facem si asta!

  2. Stefan says:

    Asa, bune completari. Si mi’am mai adus aminte de una:

    - Nu fii unghie in gat si cumpara’ti un headset pentru mobil daca vrei sa vorbesti la telefon in timp ce conduci.

  3. Alexa says:

    sa nu uitam de femeile fine si barbatii stilati, care parca intr-o competitie continuua inventeaza injuraturi , care mai de care mai plastice , mai pline de viata care nu ti le-ai imagina iesind nici din gura unui birjar. asta ca sa nu mai zicem gestul plin de eleganta al divelor care-si arunca pachetul de tigari gol din masina

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