Most of the guys in my office are Haribo fans. It does not matter what day it is, on one of the desks, kinda in the middle of the room, you will find a plastic bowl full of those stupid little bears. Or all kind of other shapes. There is no way you will find the bowl there. Are the bears in danger of becoming extinct ? Fear not! Someone will definitely bring another bowl. Like this:

And you see each one of them, tip-toeing to the bowl and stealing a gummy bear. I was watching them today, there were three of them (one was my boss) in front of the bowl, debating:

“Did you try the red one?”
“No, the green one is better, little bit sour”
“All of them are sour!”
“All except the blue ones”
“Ah, yes”

I almost burst into laughing, they were like 3-year olds. This morning my boss enters the room dressed in a suit, tie, suitcase in his left hand and the Haribo bowl in the right one. What the hell ?

7 Responses to “Haribo”

  1. Alex says:

    Sunt buni ursuleţii Haribo! :-D Şi noi mai degustăm în câte o zi…dar nu în fiecare zi.

  2. Stefan says:

    Tot e bine, aici e zilnic. Durere :-)

  3. Freya says:

    I really like this one :) we have the Haribo addicts in the office too. I have to admit I used to be one of them until I saw a documentary on TV about the manufacturing of them things. Igitt!! Never touched another one :)

  4. Stefan says:

    Hey du :) Well, I am glad you don’t like them because I will never bring some home :)

  5. Paul says:

    Confirmed: Stefan takes the biscuit but not the Haribo ;) Ps the biscuit was half chocolate…

  6. Stefan says:

    Biscuit=good, Haribo=bad.

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