My preciousssss

As I was hoping, saturday when I got home from shopping I had on my desk a letter from Landratsamt (the office which, among other things, deal with traffic violations, suspended driving licenses, etc). They took the opportunity to remind me, again, that under no circumstances should I drive before monday, even if I got my driving license back earlier.

But how did all this start ? The whole thing happened sometimes end of may. I had to leave my car in the workshop for the periodical service and since it would last at least half a day and I needed to do some errands, they gave me a replacement car. An automatic 170HP Audi A3 Sportback 8-O What can I say, it’s a bolid. I would say it’s a sin not to give it a little gas. Which is exactly what I was doing on my way back to the dealership, on a national road with a 120km/h speed limit. I had a lot of bad luck too. It just happened that I cought up with another car a little bit to fast precisely when on the right lane an unmarked police BMW was cruising along (I had no idea it was a police car at the time, of course). And all this only 2 minutes away from my exit.

Of course, the blue-eyed boys with let me pass, then they got my speed and the distance to the car in front of me. Next thing I knew, they were behind me, siren screaming and I got pulled over in the next parking. I knew I was screwed and here there is no way you can bargain with them. On top of that, it’s a very bad idea to even mention money or other methods that still work in Romania. They were quite polite, they explained what the problem was and what I did (driving too fast and not keeping my distance). They offered to show me the video but there was no point. They measured the width of the car (they need that to calculate the distance between cars), they had me sign and then they just wished me a nice day.

Needless to say, I was down in the dumps the whole day. 3 weeks after that I received a letter: 3 points, an expensive fine and one month driving ban. They informed me that I have 4 months to decide when I want to take the ban and that I should mail them my driving license. Considering that this is my first traffic violation, I probably would’ve gotten away just with the fine if I had traffic insurance, Verkehrsrechtsschutz as they call it (please note the typical long-ass german word). But of course, I had none. Great Stefan, good job!

So I guess that’s about it. Well, in the future I will try and be more careful when I drive. I hope I can do that ;-) Bottom line:

  1. Pay attention to the cars around you.
  2. Keep your distance.
  3. Get a traffic insurance!
  4. When/if I get a new car, it’s gonna be an automatic.

4 Responses to “My preciousssss”

  1. Alex says:

    Salut Ştefan,

    Ce să zic. Nasoală faza cu permisul…Bine că a trecut luna. :-) Dar eu vreau altceva…un feedback despre Audi A3. :-D Chiar mi-aş dori în viitorul apropiat sau îndelungat să îmi iau şi eu unul. Cum e? Merită?

  2. Stefan says:

    Audi A3 Sportback, ala de l’am avut ca replacement, este superb. A fost prima masina cu cutie automata pe care am condus’o si vreau sa zic ca mi’a spulberat toate preconceptiile pe care le aveam in legatura cu cutiile automate. Are doua moduri, normal si sport insa chiar si in modul normal te impinge in scaun. De ala sport, nu mai vorbesc.

    In rest am fost foarte multumit de el, are o tinuta de drum impecabila, masina este extrem de bine inchegata. Ca si pret, cred ca modelul ala de 170CP incepe de pe la 27.000€.

    Masina mea normala era tot un Audi A3, insa varianta normala. Intre timp mi’au schimbat’o insa era un model de baza, cam fara nimic pe ea. Totusi, aceasi tinuta impecabila pe sosea, si senzatia ca masina e bine inchegata, solida, suspensii relativ tari. Modelul de baza era 22.000€.

    Ce sa zic, nu sunt tocmai ieftine, insa eu am fost multumit de ele.

  3. Alex says:

    Mda…deloc ieftine. Din contră. Oricum nu mă aventuram eu la un Sportback…dar varianta normală mai că mă tentează. Mă gândesc că aş găsi ceva second la vreo 15k. Bineînţeles că trebuie să mai strâng la “pusculiţă”. :-D

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