Recipe for Spaghetti a la Freya

Related to the previous post and to the one on Ciupercutza’s blog, I present you the recipe for Spaghetti à la Freya ;-) So, we need the following ingredients:

  • 150-200g normal ham
  • 100-150g sliced mushrooms. I buy them canned but fresh are even better
  • one hot red pepper
  • 100ml wine (red or white, does not matter)
  • 100g tomato paste
  • spices (chillies, garlic, onions, oregano, basil, parsley)
  • 500g thin spaghetti
  • 1-2 spoons Knorr powder gravy

All this will yield about 3-4 portions. If you want to cook for less persons then use the ingredients accordingly. Cut the ham in stripes and cook them at high heat in a pan together with 1 spoon of oil, don’t make it too brown. After couple of minutes, add the sliced mushrooms, spices and the red pepper cut in tiny pieces.

I use a mix of dried spices called Arabiata, it’s hot and it’s meant to be used for spaghetti. If you can’t find something like this you can use the individual spices.

After another couple of minutes of cooking at high heat, add the wine and the tomato paste and let it boil once. Then you can add a bit of water and, as desired, 1-2 spoons of Knorr poweder gravy. The final gravy must not be too liquid and the Knorr powder (as well as more tomato paste) helps to thicken it. Taste every now and than and add more wine, spices, etc as desired.

Let everything cook at low heat now and boil some water for the spaghetti. When the water is boiling, add the spaghetti and let it cook at medium heat for 11 minutes (at least that’s the case for the spaghetti I use, might differ for yours). Stir them every now and then so they don’t get stuck together

Take the pan off the oven, add a spoon of cream and mix it together with the gravy

That’s it ;-) Put the spaghetti through a strainer to get rid of the water, put them on the plate, add the gravy. Guten Appetit!

11 Responses to “Recipe for Spaghetti a la Freya”

  1. Ciupercutza says:

    Hei, multumesc pentru reteta!
    Deci trebuie sa fac rost de vin (eu nu tin alcool in casa). Asta inseamna ca trebuie sa chem musafiri :D
    Nu stiu sa se gaseasca la noi sos praf knorr, dar presupun ca merge si fara.
    O sa incerc reteta in weekend ;)

    • Freya says:

      anything which kind of binds your gravy will do :)
      The stuff Stefan suggests just adds a bit more flavour but you do not have to use it..

  2. Stefan says:

    Cu placere ;-) Nici eu nu am bauturi alcoolice in casa, am cumparat o sticla doar pentru spaghete.

    Si da, merge si fara sos praf, poti pune un picut mai multa pasta de tomate ca sa nu fie sosul asa de subtire. Bafta!

  3. InnOcente* says:

    De o săptămână toată lumea se laudă cu mâncarea făcută acasă. Se vede că a dat criza peste noi ;))

  4. Stefan says:

    Si tu, nimic? :-)

  5. Alex says:

    Băi mi-e foame şi îs la lucru. Nu mai faceţi poftă la oameni. :-D Parcă aş încerca şi eu să “configurez” ce propui tu sus, dar în astfel de chestiuni sunt un anti-talent veritabil.

    Salutări Ştefan!

  6. Stefan says:

    Salut Alex ;-)

    Poate se merita sa faci un experiment da’ sa ai backup (adica o pizza) :)

  7. Freya says:

    Dont tell me there are actually people which will like that stuff too :)

  8. Stefan says:

    Of course they will ;-)

  9. I happened upon this outstanding recipe a little while ago, subsequently went out yesterday to go shopping for the ingredients and then cooked it for the afternoon meal, really delightful.

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