I am sick :-( Or I got a virus from someone, most likely. It kinda sucks, my nose hurts from all this blowing, I am coughing and I really don’t feel like being at work. I bought yesterday some sort of drops for my throat. Freya says I should kinda keep it in the back of my mouth but that’s not so easy, I tend to choke myself with the stupid drop :-) The only effect so far is that my tongue gets numb. Oh well.

The day is not a total failure though. Today is a short day, I am leaving for home at 12:30h. And what’s more important, today is my last day in this God forsaken town. Since I didn’t have my driving license for the past month, I decided to go together with a guy from work. He’s in the same project as me but in another town. The train connections to München, where I normally commute, are really not that great. Better driving with someone else.

But what’s most important, today my driving license should be delivered, I am hoping I will find it at home when I get there in the evening. The driving ban is until monday but they said I should get it 2-3 days earlier. We’ll see.

Song of the day:

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  2. That track reminds me of some song by another atrist which I really enjoyed hearing . can’t recall which one :-/ anybody happens to know which track I’m referring to?

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