The contract is signed

Yesterday we had a scheduled appointment with the notar to sign the contract for the house. Considering the fact that the seller is an old woman, we had to go to the nursing home where she lives, the notar too. Speaking of the nursing home, not exactly the image I had in mind from the old days in Romania:

On the inside it’s the same, does not look bad at all. I mean, I would not like to live there but it looks nice. Anyway, after looking for a while for the entrance into that building, we found ourselves in a meeting room: us, the notar, the old lady, her son and his wife. That’s when the notar lady started to read the contract. I have never seen someone reading so fast. It was like one of those movies on fast-forward. She would stop from time to time to explain something but she was getting back quick to her reading. I can’t say the old lady was senile, but it was obvious that things were happening way too fast, I felt pity for her. All the notar asked the old lady was whether she understood the price and the date when she will get her money.

Then the notar lady ID’ed us by checking our passports, butchering my name in the process but no bit shock there. I would’ve been surprised if she hadn’t done that. After that we signed and that was it. Of course, that does not mean we can get into the house. Hell no. It takes a while until everything is official but the guy (referred to as “deep-down country farmer” by Freya; that’s not a compliment in case you wonder) would not let us have the keys. See, by signing the contract, things get pretty serious for us and we can’t back down from this without paying a LOT of money so it’s not like the guy has anything to lose. But no, the guy wants first his money. Idiot ! Anyway, we need to wait another month. In the meantime, every time we need to get into the house (to do measurements, to bring people to look at stuff before they start working, etc) we need to go via the agency, set up an appointment, make sure it works for everyone, etc … Idiot ! :evil:

Then we went together with the lady from the agency to the house to do some more measurements. Since the house is very old (construction year: unknown, that’s what it says in the paperwork; oldest entry is around 1900) you don’t really find any straight angles. Anyway, I measured what I could. Which is nice because I can input that into the computer and then I can generate house plans, floor plans, real-time 3D views with furniture, etc. Cool piece of software.

I think that from now on we will start spending money. A lot. :-?

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  1. Ciupercutza says:

    Wow, felicitari mai! Sa fie intr-un ceas bun!
    Va invidiez nitel ca eu m-am saturat de chirie, dar lasa ca vine si vremea mea. :)

    Ala din poza e azil??? Pare sediu de multinationala :lol:

  2. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Multam, Ciupercutza!

    Si da, ala e azilul unde locuieste batranica :)

    [:en]Thanks, Ciupercutza!

    And yes, that’s the nursery home where the old lady lives :)

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