The vertical mouse

Couple of months ago I started having pains in my right wrist and in my palm. Of course, it’s the hand I use the mouse with. 8 hours each day at work and then some more at home and in the weekends. And this for quite some years. We came to the conclusion that I had change the mouse. I used to have a Logitech MX 300:

The mouse was good, optical, very precise. But apparently not so great for my wrist. After a bit of searching around we decided to buy one of those vertical mice. We read all kind of positive reviews about it so we decided we’ll try it out:

Evoluent Vertical Mouse . It costed a bit more than a normal mouse but I would say it’s worth every cent. It’s slightly bigger, it fills your hand nicely and it takes a bit to get used to. But once that happens you get a much more natural feeling while using it. And the wrist pains are almost completely gone, so it works. My advice is: if you have wrist pains then do something before it gets too serious.

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  1. David says:


    Sunt si eu in cautarea unui astfel de mouse, dar nu reusesc sa gasesc pe meleagurile noastre.

    Imi poti spune ce model ai si de unde l-ai achizitionat?

    Merci frumos!

  2. Stefan says:

    Aici in Germania mouse’ul respectiv este disponibil pe multe site’uri online. Eu personal l’am luat de pe

    Din ce am vazut acum, livreaza si in Romania, cel putin Romania e in lista de tari pe care le poti selecta. Asta daca mouse’ul este livrat de amazon si nu de un alt shop de pe Amazon Marketplace.

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