After the weekend

I started the week after an extended weekend, from friday to monday. I usually work 4 days a week so I can play a bit with the free day. It’s not so bad but I still have to do my 40 hours a week, which means 10-hour days. Eh, nothing comes free.

And as I was saying in a previous post, winter arrived: snow, wet snow, cold rain, ice, etc. And before this, on friday, we had really strong winds. So strong that it blew our sunblind/umbrella thingy off the balcony :( I dont have a picture with mine but it looked something like this:

It was not small at all and the legs were kinda heavy. After a powerful gust of wind I heard a lound bang and when I looked out of the window, the sunblind was gone. I got out and I saw it stuck in the garden of the next house. I got it back but the legs are now bent, some pieces are broken and so on. Well, not much I can do now. It’s my fault I guess, I should’ve anchored it somehow. We could not have taken it with us anyway, it’s too big to fit anywhere in the new house. But I guess we could’ve tried to sell it to the new tennants who will come here.

We also went to the house to do some more measurements. We realized that we will have problems with moving the furniture. The doorways are too narrow, so are the interior stairways. Most of the things we can dismantle but the couch we have in the living is one piece and it’s not fitting at all. Freya is trying to find a couch which we can get upstairs and look decent at the same time, not an easy job as it turns out. She must know by now all furniture selling websites and she still didn’t find anything decent.

Oh, and the idiot who is selling the house is still making us problems. On the 28 november (on a friday) the house transfer is supposed to take place, where we get the keys. Our bank should have the money in his account by then but the dude (according to the lady at the agency) will only check his account friday morning and then he leaves in a 3-week vacation! Which sucks because we can’t afford to wait 3 weeks if the the money get to his bank one day later. And we can’t meet with him on friday anway, since I only get back home friday evening. We have an appointment on saturday with the lady from the agency, we’ll see how it goes.

In other news, I started playing Fallout 3, very nice game ;-) But Freya is right, I should take it easier with playing, there are other things to be done too. But from time to time, it works. And at the end, something funny:

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10 Responses to “After the weekend”

  1. Ciupercutza says:

    Nasol ca va face probleme proprietarul … Doar aveti contract semnat (presupun ca ati dat si avans) si nu cred ca aveti moace de infractori :))
    In fine, sper ca o sa scapi de stresul asta si o sa va mutati linistiti in casa noua.

    @Freya: I hope you’ll find the perfect couch. :)

    Stiam faza cu paianjenul. E geniala :))

  2. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Lumea crede ca treaba cu “vacanta” este doar un smen ca sa ne forteze sa platim la timp (ceea ce am fi facut oricum). Un ametit.

    Nu avem moace de infractori insa avem nume de non-nemti, amandoi. Asta cre’ ca e problema omului ;-)[:en]People think that the whole “vacation” deal is just a trick to force us to pay in time (which we would’ve done anyway). An idiot.

    We don’t have criminal-like faces but we do have non-german names, both of us. That’s the guy’s problem, most likely ;-)

  3. Ciupercutza says:

    A da, la faza cu numele nu m-am gandit …;)

  4. Alex says:

    Încă puţin şi scăpaţi de tembel! :-D

    Trebuie să învăţ să desenez insecte…văd că ajută. :-D

  5. Freya says:

    @Ciupercutza: I am trying :) I will let you know. But believe me it is hard if you have to fit through 70 cms and then around a corner to top it. Started thinking about breaking walls down but Stefan does not seem to be too happy with that idea. Might have the whole house tumbling down on us :) Somehow I have the feeling the none fitting couch could turn out to be one of the smaller problems to come :) We could still built one ourselves….

  6. Freya says:

    @Stefan: That spider thingy is great :) I should try some like that when I run out of components….

  7. Ciprian says:

    How many spiders do you need to pay the house? I still have some left on my account :)

  8. Freya says:

    thats kind of you :) but I was actually thinking about my customers at work. They can get quite ugly if I do not have their parts on time. If I would send them a spider instead? :) Would be really funny but I guess my boss might not see it that way.

  9. Stefan says:

    [:en]We could try to pay the makler with spiders ;-)[:ro]Putem incerca sa platim agentia cu paianjeni ;-)

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