We got the keys!

Today we met with the lady from the agency and we officially got the house keys. Thank God we got rid of that idiot. From now on we kinda have to hurry because we only have until the end of january to move. But before we do that we need to renovate, replace wallpapers, carpets, build two new bathrooms, clean, etc. This will be kinda painful but we will manage. After we got the keys we went to the local toom BauMarkt and 200-300 euros were spent as if they were nothing on various things:

And this is only a small start. Well, we will see how it goes.

Today I realized again how small the “garage” is. Garage only by the name because it’s very small. I have no idea what kind of car whoever built that thing has but the Passat fits only halfway. Maybe a Smart fits without problems but anything else has no chance. But I never had a garage here so it’s not such a big loss.

Tomorrow we have to go again to the house to take all kind of things. And we need to clean that place good because the previous tenants, especially the ones on the first floor, were pigs. The apartment is empty but the carpets and wallpapers are still there. And they don’t smell good at all stink. Most likely they never renovated.

As a nice surprise, it seems the electricity was not canceled, just turned off from a central panel. Which is nice because we don’t have to waste time making a new contract. Which would not have lasted too long anyway but since it was on, we could turn on the heating because inside it was extremly cold, colder than outside I’d say.

12 Responses to “We got the keys!”

  1. Alex says:

    Ridic un pahar de bere în cinstea noi voastre case! :-)
    Să o stăpâniţi sănătoşi şi bineînţeles “Spor la lucru!” :-D

  2. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Multumim frumos ;-)[:en]Thanks ;-)

  3. Ciprian says:


    That means you’ve just got rid of spiders!
    Tja, from now on, you will need patience, work and more spiders :)

  4. Stefan says:

    Danke danke ;) [:ro]Si da, incercam sa nu ne panicam cand ne gandim la cat de mult e de munca, insa ne tinem tare![:en]And yes, we try not to panic when we think how much work it is, but we try to be strong! :)

  5. Ciprian says:

    [:ro]Test: acum am observat, pot sa scriu in romana si engleza, strasnic!
    [:en]Test: I’ve just noticed that I can write in Romanian and in English, fantastic!

  6. Stefan says:

    [:en]How did you figure that out ? ;-)[:ro]Cum ti’ai dat seama ? ;-)

  7. Ciprian says:

    [:en]I’ve read the manual; you know, it takes longer for me :)[:ro]Tocmai am citit manualul de utilizare; stii ca mie imi ia mai mult timp :)

  8. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Si eu care credeam ca noi profesionistii nu citim manuale ;-) Insa da, folosesc plugin’ul asta pentru WordPress, Language Switcher, ca sa scriu posturile in engleza si in romana folosing tag’uri gen lang_en, /lang_en, lang_ro si /lang_ro. Tag’uri care merg si pentru comentarii. [:en]And I was thinking that we professionals don’t read manuals ;-) But yes, I use this WordPress plugin, Language Switcher, to write posts in both romanian and english by using tags like lang_en, /lang_en, lang_ro and /lang_ro. Tags which also work in comments

  9. Ciprian says:

    [:en]To be honest, I saw the tags in the subscription reply mail – do I still qualify as a professional :) ?[:ro]Ca sa fiu cinstit am vazut tag-urile in mail-ul de notificare de raspuns – ma mai calific ca profesionist :) ?

  10. Stefan says:

    [:en]Oh .. you’re not supposed to see the tags, I thought I fixed that. I have to dig a bit more into the php thingy ;-)[:ro]Oh, nu are trebui sa vezi tag’urile alea, credeam ca am reparat chestia respectiva. Trebe sa mai sap un pic in php’ul pluginului ;-)

  11. giuly says:

    as elimina ouale :-?

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