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There will be soon 2 months since I keep this blog and I kinda started to get the feeling of this whole blogosphere thingy ;-) I read blogs since many years but when you have your own blog you start seeing things with different eyes. And I noticed that there are certain things that have to be present in order for me to enjoy reading a blog

First you need to have a notification method for comments. I know, I said this before in other places but I think this is important. When I leave a comment for a post I want to have the possibility to be notified when there is a reply, preferably via email. And if not via email then at least the post should have its comments feed activated (even though that will make me do additional clicks in Google Reader to subscribe).

To my amazement, I encountered a large number of blogs with none of the notification methods mentioned above. I often wondered how exactly are those bloggers imagining that their readers will notice when a new comment appears ? So I, as a reader, I leave a comment and then do what ? Bookmark the post and the come back from time to time, to see if someone replied ? What if I have 20 such bookmarks ? Not very practical. Such blogs are kinda read-only for me, I don’t feel very encouraged to leave a comment.

A very practical and simple solution is the WordPress plugin Subscribe to comments. On the blogs hosted at you can’t install plugins but even there, if it’s not already activated, you can enable the RSS feed for each post’s comments.

Then there is the issue of the blog’s RSS feed. There are a lot of opinions over there, what’s best: to have partial posts or the whole post in the feed. My personal opinion is perfectly ilustrated by Eugen’s post. I have in my Google Reader about 100 feeds, 40 of them are from romanian blogs. I use Google Reader because I don’t want to waste time to open the site, I want to read the post right there. I know, there is the problem of feed aggregators which steal content when the feed shows the whole post but, to be honest, this affects mostly those bloggers who want to make money. In my humble opinion, money should not be the reason you keep a blog.

Ok, enough rambling for today, the weekend is here for me: I am leaving home!

4 Responses to “Blogs, blogs”

  1. aka says:

    Nu sunt mai severi germanii la job? Poti posta pe blog de la munca?

  2. Stefan says:

    Teoretic nu. Practic mai toata lumea se da pe internet mai mult sau mai putin. Insa aici unde lucrez acum nu am vazut pana acum o politica clara pe tema asta.

  3. Alex says:

    Recunosc că şi io eram printre ăia care nu ofereau posibilitatea de a “subscribui” la commenturi. :-D

    Bineînţeles nu mă gândeam că o să am aşa repede un vizitator care să comenteze chestiile pe care le debitez pe acolo. :-D

  4. Stefan says:

    Eh, vezi ? Am aparut si noi cititorii ;-)