Bluetooth headsets

Until one year ago I only had a basic mobile phone, with a pre-paid card. I was using it once in a blue moon. But in the past year and a half, things changed a bit. I found myself talking on the phone much more so I had to change some things. The pre-paid card didn’t cut it anymore because it would’ve gotten me bankrupt so I switched to a subscription with a flatrate plan (to Telekom’s fixed network as well as unlimited calls/SMS’ to my own network, Vodafone).

Another thing is that you can’t talk for hours with the phone stuck to your ear: your arm goes numb, your year gets hot, your brain gets nuked, you only have one free arm, etc, etc. So I switched to bluetooth headsets. I am a Plantronics fan so I used for a while a Voyager 510:

I admit, at the beginning I felt like a newly assimilated Borg but I got over it soon. After a year I upgraded to a Voyager 520:

And I never looked back. The sound quality is much better than the 510′s, it sits much better on your ear and it’s extremly light, you forget you have it on. I can’t even imagine what’s it like to speak on the phone without the headset for more than couple of minutes. Not to mention that when you drive or when you need your hands, it’s priceless.

It’s true, when you walk on the street talking on your headset, many people will give you weird looks if they dont see it, probably thinking you are missing couple of a screws. But I got over that too. One year ago they were not so popular but now I start seeing more and more people using them.

So don’t nuke your brain, use a headset ;-)

5 Responses to “Bluetooth headsets”

  1. brontozaurel says:

    yep, a bluetooth headset can be very useful; these days I’ve started looking for one myself :)

  2. Stefan says:

    @Ana: I hope you will find a nice one. Free tip though: there are a lot of cheap ones out there but look for one which has a decent battery life, you’ll thank me for it ;-)

  3. Freya says:

    I can only agree to that one :) including the Borg thingy :)

  4. bogdanic says:

    Eu am un Discovery 640. L-am luat special pentru ca se conecteaza in paralel la doua telefoane (unul personal si unul de serviciu) indiferent de model si varianta de Bluetooth. Asta era tot ce am gasit rezonabil la pret in Romania acum un an. Sunt foarte multumit de el.

  5. Stefan says:

    @Freya: So we both look now like two borg drones ;-)

    @Bogdanic: Cred ca mai toate castile bluetooth noi de la Plantronics stiu de bluetooth multipoint, sa se conecteze la mai multe telefoane. Si avand in vedere calitatea, preturile sunt resonabile.

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