The house

Since people asked, here is a picture of the house. And no, I am not the bald guy ;-)

And below there are some pictures of Schorndorf, so you get an idea what the city looks like. It’s also called Die Daimlerstadt (The Daimler City) because Gottlieb Daimler was born here, one of the pioneers of internal-combustion engines.

Schorndorf pictures via

5 Responses to “The house”

  1. Alex says:

    Super. Să o stăpâniţi sănătoşi şi să vă bucuraţi de ea.
    Arată foarte fain oraşul. Parcă este o atmosferă din basmele fraţilor Grimm.

  2. Stefan says:

    @Alex: Multam frumos. Exista si zone “normale” in oras, ce este in poze este zone centrului vechi al orasului (langa care este si casa noastra, de altfel).

  3. Freya says:

    I wish I would understand something here :( Is he talking about fairytales? :) Anyway, it will be a looot of work to do there before I really like it :)

  4. Alex says:

    I’ve told Ştefan that the Schorndorf looks like a town from brothers Grimm’s fairytales. :-)

  5. Freya says:

    thanks :) I kind of thought so when I saw this fratilor Grimm but since I can only guess…. but you are right, it does.

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