Night out

After a day of presentations and trainings at the Cisco office, we were invited to dinner. And since our british colleague had to mention that England and Germany are playing tonight, the chosen location was the Champions Sports Bar from the Marriot Hotel in Frankfurt.

Since I don’t like football, I am not a drinker and I don’t like crowded and loud places, you can imagine I didn’t exactly jump around with joy when I heard that. But since everybody had to go, I went too.  How was it ? Well, it was loud and crowded. Overpriced parking (2.70 € per hour!), overpriced food (12.50 € for a burger with fries), probably overpriced beer and coffee too. I mean, that does not matter so much in the end, things get reimbursed, but that place is expensive as hell.

Service was very good though, friendly people, quick serving, I was impressed. And the place looks good, I imagine it’s the football fan’s dream: couple of really big screens with beamers and lots and lots of “smaller” flat screen TVs all over the place.

In the end I guess it was not a complete disaster, at least we got out a bit and didn’t stay in the hotel room (which is not the hit anyway). We all came back to the hotel in my car and my boss noticed the (slight, I hope) cigarette smell inside the car. I am sure it didn’t smell that bad but if you are a non-smoker (and he is one) then you notice it right away. We’re not suppoed to smoke in company cars so I just grinned at him in the mirror and said nothing. I would bet half my salary that most of the smokers from our company who have a company car, smoke inside.

Oh well ;-)

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