From what I’ve seen so far, most companies around here don’t use desktop PCs anymore, laptops these days are powerful enough for pretty much any kind of business application. And if you think about it, it makes sense. For those who are constantly on the go a desktop PC makes no sense. And for those who are mostly in an office, a docking station and a monitor easily solves the problem

What do you do if you have to many laptops though ?

A bit ridiculous, isn’t it ? I got a Lenovo R52 from my company, as everyone else. Considering this is an older model and not particularly fast, I am using my own laptop, a Dell Inspiron 9400 of which I am very pleased. But things don’t stop here. My company is a Cisco Channel Partner which means my team are pseudo Cisco employees. Which means I got a Lenovo T61 laptop from there too. So that makes it 3 laptops so far.

But wait, there is more! During the past year, my team is involved in a big project for a Cisco customer. That means we work as external consultants on customer’s premises where, you guessed it, we use another laptop from them. And I can’t even avoid this situation because each company has its own security policies, its own applications, etc, so I can’t use only one laptop for everything.

And then you have one last problem: you have to carry them with you. At the moment, the customer’s laptop stays in their office, my company’s laptop is at home unused but I still have the other two. The savious was SwissGear Pegasus laptop backpack.

It was not really that cheap, I paid some 80 euros, but it’s well worth it. You can easily fit 2 laptops inside with all their accessories.

Am I the only one with such existential problems?

3 Responses to “Laptop-o-rama”

  1. Alex says:

    :-D Faci muşchi la spate. Mi se pare mie greu doar unu, pe care trebuie să îl car zilnic. Dar două…dar trei? :-D Eu îs curios altceva…cum e să lucrezi pentru Cisco, chiar dacă zici tu “pseudo-lucrezi”? Chestii faine, interesant? :-)

  2. Stefan says:

    Rucsacul ajuta insa nici cu asta nu as cara doua pentru prea mult timp in spate ;-)

    In legatura cu Cisco, lucram ca si TAC engineers insa numai pentru proiectul nostru. Este extrem de instructiv, ca sa zic asa :) Plus ca intri in contact cu o gramada de tehnologii de ultima ora ceea ce nu e rau deloc.

  3. Alex says:

    Super tare…asta da experienţă. :-)

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