Picked up cars: good or bad?

Today I noticed that they are at it again picking up cars and this does not seem to be an isolated case. Opinions about the whole thing are kinda divided, some agree with this while others argue that it makes no sense because there are no other choices. I think both are right in their own way but I tend to agree with some of the comments I’ve read: if you can’t park right in front of your building, then look a bit further. It won’t kill you if you walk a bit.

This might come as a shock to many but here in Germany you don’t find public parkings every 50m. There are a lot of cars in the big cities, just like in Bucharest. The rule is simple: if find a spot, you can park. If not, you risk a fine (and be sure you will get it) or, if you block the traffic, an even bigger fine and a picked up car.

I know it’s not a perfect solution but I believe in time things will get better. I would say it’s a good start, I for one like better clear streets and less blocked intersections due to a lane being blocked by illegally parked cars.

5 Responses to “Picked up cars: good or bad?”

  1. Virgil says:

    In Craiova se ridica in fiecare zi masini. Eu cred ca ar trebui ridicate doar cele care incurca circulatia iar pentru restul amenda.

  2. admin says:

    Corect. Acum presupun ca in final ar putea depinde de politica fiecarui oras. Insa si eu as ridica doar masinile care incurca traficul.

  3. Favit says:

    mda, si eu sunt pentru ridicarea masinilor atata timp cat incurca circulatia.

  4. Tudi says:

    De acord cu ridicarea lor, dar nu cand e circulatia mai mare. In Cluj, se apuca sa ridice masini de pe strazile aglomerate si incurca mai mult pana manevreaza platforma aia enorma pe drum :)

  5. admin says:

    Mda, pai de ce faca un lucru bun pana la capat ;-)

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