Happy with your job?

Several times a week, there is this woman who comes to our building in the morning with some sort of portable snack-bar, if you want. Sometimes I see her in the morning when she parks her car and how she carries her 3-4 boxes to our floor. She arranges them on a table in the room we use as a kitchen, takes her bell and goes to all floors, letting people know they can come get their snack.

And that’s what people do, the come and buy all kind of stuff she has: many varieties of sandwiches, salads, bakery products, Leberkäse (food specific to the southern part of Germany), etc. And what’s amazing is that this woman seems happy all the time, or at least in a good mood. She does not have that forced smile typical to sales people who just want to sell their shit and nothing more. I have no idea if this is her dream job, if she has no other choice, maybe she actually likes it, I don’t know. But she does it with pleasure, that much is clear.

With the exception of some things, I do like the job that I have now. But even so, I am unable to have her enthusiasm in the morning. In the end, I assume that in order to keep yourself from going nuts at work, you have to like what you are doing at least a little bit and to be able to somewhat enjoy the little things.

Well, enough with the philosophical ramblings for today. I am staying here for 30 more minutes than I am gonna drive for 4 hours or so to Frankfurt, where I will have a training with Cisco until thursday. And then, weekend!

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