New week, no work

This does not mean I get to stay home. No, God forbid. I have this week an Cisco IPS (Intrusion Protection System) class somewhere near Frankfurt. I got here earlier than I expected so I am relaxing a bit before the class starts in their winter garden:

Not bad actually, could be a little warmer though. I am gonna be here for 4 days with classes from 9:00 to 17:00, so basically kinda like a work day. At least I will be able to meet tomorrow with some of my ex-colleagues from the time I was working in this area. We’ll probably go .. um, sample the local beer.

Well, better get ready for class, I wish everyone a nice week!

18 Responses to “New week, no work”

  1. Ciprian says:

    Yeeehaw !

  2. Stefan says:

    Sa inteleg ca aprobi ;) Sper sa nu imi dati teapa maine!

  3. Ciprian says:

    Nu dinspre Batrana Opera :)

  4. Stefan says:

    Ok, atunci pe maine. Sper sa nimeresc ;-)

  5. Dany says:

    O sa ma straduiesc… :D

  6. Stefan says:

    “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

  7. Dany says:

    Nothing is ever easy…

  8. Ciprian says:

    There is no spoon …

  9. Stefan says:


    Apropos, a iesit “Legend of the Seeker”, episoadele 1 si 2. L’ai vazut ?

  10. Stefan says:

    Ba sunt o gramada de linguri …

    Eh, ne’ai tradat si ai trecut la Mac ? ;-)

  11. Dany says:

    … si 3! Vazut, dezamagitoare :(.

  12. Stefan says:

    Inca le consider “entertaining”. Nu trebuie sa le compari cu cartea, altfel e dezastru.

  13. Dany says:

    Chiar daca n-as fi citit cartea as fi gandit: “Wtf?! Xena & Hercules vs Matrix vs LOTR?!”

  14. Ciprian says:

    Eu zic ca castiga Superman :))

  15. Freya says:

    Hey:) how was the local beer? :) The wintergarden does look nice. With different furniture it could really be something…

  16. Stefan says:

    @Freya: The beer was a hefeweizen, germans usually make good beer ;-)

    And yes, those restaurant tables look a bit out of place.

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