Not much to go now

As I was saying, because the owner was a paranoic asshole, he didn’t want to give us the house keys before the end of november, when he will get his money. And this even though we have solid financing, which it was confirmed to him by the agency as well as by our bank. But no, he would not hear anything about it.

He also did a really shitty thing regarding the fire insurance of the house. The insurance costed him 40 euros/year (I won’t get into the fact that 40 euros does not cover the house’s value). Since we will own the house starting with december, he wanted to charge us for it, like 3 euros or something! But when we all looked really weird at him (us, the lady from the agency and the notar lady) he must’ve realized how shitty that sounded and dropped it.

Anyway, in about 3 weeks or so we will get the keys and then the mess will start. There are a lot of things to be done before we move, and I imagine more after we move. What’s important right now is the heating system and the bathrooms. We need two new bathrooms, one on each floor, in different rooms than where they are now. Which means time, work and money. Then we want to replace the current system which use old and ineficient electric storage heaters. After some debate we decided to go with infrared heaters, something like this (yes, that panel is the heater):

And then we still have to do the wallpapers, painting, change carpets and so on. I’ll keep you posted!

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