One way street or not ?

Today after my class ended I went to the city to get something to eat (the food in the hotel is really not something to write home about). The hotel is kinda at the edge of this small town and since I wanted to go to KFC (because someone mentioned chicken …) I took the car. So I just drive there, I notice the KFC is in a pedestrian zone ( :evil: ) , I waste time trying to find a parking spot, I find none ( :evil: ), I park semi-ilegally, I buy the chicken and then I head back to the hotel. On the same route.

At one time I arrive at a stoplight which was on red. Me being a model driver, I stop. And I wait, and wait and then I wait some more. The stoplight is still red. I start to get slightly annoyed. I thought that maybe the stupid stoplight is broken and that I should maybe just drive through. But I can’t: strategically placed 10 meters after the stoplight, there is a red-light camera. This is exactly what I need after what happened, to be flashed on a red light.

Finally, when my annoyance level was getting dangerously high, I notice a sign on the sidewalk, kinda hidden, which said that this way was closed between 12:00h-24:00h 8-O What the hell ? It’s the first time I see something like this. Whatever. I try to back up but of course, another car is now behind me. Since he didn’t move at all, I just make an U-turn, hoping the red-light camera won’t go off. I didn’t see anything but if I get another letter at home I am gonna be pissed.

The chicken was good though ;-)

4 Responses to “One way street or not ?”

  1. Ciupercutza says:

    Pai si desteptu’ ala de ce oare nu-ti facea loc??? Ca doar si el trebuia sa intoarca din cate imi dau seama …
    Anyway, ciudata faza cu interzisu’ Nici nu vreau sa ma gandesc cum s-ar respecta un asemenea indicator in Romania :lol:

  2. Stefan says:

    Nu stiu de ce nu s’a dat. Cre’ ca astepta si el sa se faca verde ;-)

    Si acel radar te cam indeamna sa respecti stopul respectiv.

  3. Freya says:

    I think I should stop talking about preparing fried chicken around you :) might be dangerous…

  4. Stefan says:

    At least do it after I ate some ;-)

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