The phone rings, and rings, and rings

My boss is gone in a business trip today so he is not able to answer his office phone. And yet, someone called him (and still does!) many, many times. We know it’s the same person because we see his/her number on our monitors/phones. And each single time he lets the phone ring at least 20-30 times, for minutes at end.

Why do people behave like that ? Can’t they use their brain ? If someone does not answer his phone after the first 4-5 rings then he is either gone, busy or simply does not want to hear your voice.

I feel like picking up the phone and saying: “Are you crazy, can’t you see he’s not here ?!”. Of course, that might have unfortunate effects on my career ;-) That phone ring is annoying though.

It stopped, maybe it stays like that.

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