Typical day at work

Well, not really, it’s not happening each day. There is here this thing germans call Brotzeit, it’s a kind of snack you take at work between breakfast and lunch. This “snack” consists of Weisswurst, a kind of white sausage specific to Munich, or from Bavaria in general, Brezel and Wheat beer. This is one of the few ocasions when you can drink at work so people here are quick to participate.

This is brilliant, you can drink at work!” – an approximate quote of my british colleague. I think it’s safe to say this does not happen in England.

I have to mention that while the plate above is mine, the beer is not. I just borrowed it for the picture ;-)

3 Responses to “Typical day at work”

  1. mikel says:

    am baut si eu niste bere d-asta de grau acu vreo luna cand a fost si pe la bucuresti un festival al berii. are un gust interesant. dar parca tot mai mult imi place traditionalul malt, hamei si apa
    multe gustari la germani. intre pranzi si cina au ceva?

  2. Stefan says:

    Au, mai mereu mananca astia ;-)

    Iar cu berea de grau presupun ca este chestie de gust si de obisnuinta.

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