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The operation “House” still goes along as planned, things are happening. We bought and ordered online all kind of things we need for the house. And monday we managed to go to a company who build bathrooms and set up an appointment for next monday.

We talked with a nice “schwäbisch” guy and we explained to him that we want to transorm two normal rooms into two bathrooms. It seems they have done this kind of thing before which is a big plus. Next monday at 9:30h we have an appointment with one of their guys who will come to see the rooms and decide what has to be done. He promised that we will have a quote in the same week and, should we decide to go with them, they can even start working in early January.

At the end we gave him our contact information and the guy looked a little bit confused at our names (none of them look german and the last names are also different), you could see that he didn’t know what to say, and finally turned to Freya: “You have a nice name. I have to say it, nothing I can do about it!”. Cute ;-)

The appointment had good timing because at the same day I have to be there because of the idiots from Alice, the Telekom techie has to come and set up the connection. There are only couple of days left and they still didn’t send me the DSL modem/router. I sent them an email yesterday and I asked them what is going on but I guess I have bigger chances of growing a third arm than getting an useful answer from them. I expect a total disaster.
Two interesting things happened at work. In the first half of next year I have to do two Cisco courses, part of my study for the CCSP certification. Unlike the IPS course I recently did, I want to do those in english. Not that I don’t understand german (even though it’s far from perfect) but the Cisco world has nothing to do with german. Zero, null, nix, nada, there is no german in Cisco documentation, all information and texts (including the study materials) are in english, etc. So I looked it up and found two courses in english in the right time period, one in Frankfurt and one in Zürich, both relatively close to where I live.

So far so good, I gave them to my boss. Obviously, he noticed immediatly that they are at another training company, not at the one which we have contract with (from what I understood) and where we have good rebates. He told me that he will try and find out if the company we work with has trainings in english. We both knew that they don’t, not in Germany anyway. Eventually the answer came that they do have them, but in the Netherlands, somewhere in two cities near Amsterdam. Apparently the offer sounds good money-wise because it was approved and the courses will be booked soon. I would’ve prefered somewhere closer but I guess you can’t have everything, this is ok too.

The second news is that there are some chances to move next year in another project, closer to home. Which would be excellent since I am asking my boss for this since half a year. München is a nice city but I am sick and tired of living 4 day a week in a hotel. We will see, I am knocking on wood!

And finally, I have to mention that my Christmas present arrived .-)

Even though it was probably not the time, I ordered a TomTom 630 Traffic GPS navigation device, it was about time to replace my old TomTom ONE. Which did its job very good, I have to admit.

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