Kitchen almost done

We just got back a short while ago after another work day. The kitchen from the first floor is almost done. Tomorrow we will completely finish the walls and the ceiling. Then we just have to paint white the tiles (they are red now!) and then we can start putting in the kitchen furniture.

Since we had to work on the walls and ceiling today, we used these white protection overalls which you put on on top of your clothes. We both looked like two white sacs, those things have no shape at all. But at least they protect you from paint, etc. But we are making progress. And we are spending money left and right unfortunately. I ordered a fridge from Quelle, it was kinda cheap, free shipping and for a small fee they pick up the old one too. Which is EXTREMELY good since the old one which was in there is very very yucky. I also ordered an infrared heater to test it. If we don’t like it, we have 4 weeks to send it back. Otherwise, many trips to toomBaumarkt and the like.

And since what you fear most still catches up with you, I had to go to the dentist these days. I am afraid of dentists, I hate them. Unfortunately I think it all started when I was a lot younger, because of a dentist who was working with my mother at the same clinic. She’ll have to excuse me when she reads this, but the woman was a total failure as a dentist. Mrs. Roxana, I think. Yes. I remember that once she removed a tooth and after that she took out the nerves with some sort of long drills and no local anesthetic, without any kind of concern for the patient and the pain caused. Brrr!

Anyway, after being also threatened by Freya (“You will go the dentist or else …“) I went to one of the dentists in our village. It was better than I expected. The guy gave me a local shot and then I felt nothing while he worked. I aprove of local anesthetics, I think they are the best thing since sliced bread. I still have to go there several times but I am not so horrified anymore.

And as a good news, the girl with the nail salon finally paid her rent! It’s kinda cool to finally see some black entries (incoming money) in the online banking thingy and not only red stuff (payments).

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  1. Alex says:

    Aici îţi dau dreptate…decât să merg la dentist mai bine aş repara vreo 453 de bucătării. Ultima oară am fost să îmi pun două plombe, dar crede-mă că am tremurat ca şi cum aş fi sărit cu paraşuta. :-D

    Petrecere faină miercuri noaptea, şi dacă nu ne mai auzim până atunci, un an plin de succese pe toate planurile vă doresc să aveţi, şi să terminaţi de aranjat casa cât mai repede!

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