Thanks for nothing, KabelBW!

Well, today we finally got an answer from KabelBW to our request to move the access to our new house. The house does not have a cable connection but the house next to ours has it. So we thought there should be no problem, in our naivety. I mean, how hard can it be to extend the cable to our house ?

Very hard, as it seems. In the letter we got today they say they are unable to provide their services to our new address because of “economical reasons“. So instead of extending the cable to our house (for which they would’ve charged us anyway, some 400-500 Euros) they would rather lose us as a customer. Good riddance! As a result we just wrote them a letter of cancellation for all our subscriptions: internet, telephony and television.

So it seems we will have to stick to DSL because there are no other alternatives. But not from the idiots at Alice, that’s for sure. I will send them too a letter of cancellation, they were a temporary solution anyway. I looked around to see what else is available and so far the most reasonable offers are from Deutsche Telekom and 1und1. The one from Telekom is a bit more expensive but you have 25Mbps or 50Mbps VDSL, starts at 60 Euros. The one from 1und1 is a bit cheaper but you only have 16Mbps, starts at 35 Euros. Both are with everything inclusive: flatrate internet, telephony (flatrate in the fixed network), IP television, free modem/router, free (or almost) set-up-box. I am still looking around, trying to find out which one is really worth it.

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