Next steps

Now that we are on the last mile,  there are some things that we need to take care of:

  • all old carpets need to be taken off and thrown away. Then the wooden floor need to be cleaned and new linoleum/carpets/alternatives put in.
  • old wallpapers need to be replaced
  • most of the wood surfaces in the house need to be repainted in lighter colors (white)
  • two rooms (one of each floor) need to be converted into bathrooms
  • get a quote for the infrared heaters from another company, the current one is too expensive
  • get a quote for an Airmax24 Wind Turbine because we want to make our own electricity (or at least enough for the heating, it complements perfectly the infrared heaters)

We investigated all kind of possibilities to make our own energy, considering that we currently pay 20,25 cents/kWh and I don’t think it’s gonna go down anytime soon. Solar panels are not a good solution for us, the roof has the wrong orientation. Not to mention they are expensive and need a lot of maintenance. The wind turbine I was mentioning is roof-mountable and can start generating electricity with a wind speed of only 2m/s. It has its own price too but it has a lot more advantages compared to the solar panels. It looks something like this:

Other alternatives would be household Fusion Reactors, anti-matter generators, Zero Point Module, etc but it seems we are born in the wrong reality or way too early for something like this. And finally a picture I took while I was going to lunch, cold but beautiful weather, I love that blue sky:

5 Responses to “Next steps”

  1. aka says:

    Ordonate planuri. Bafta! Imi place si ordinea de pe strada din ultima poza.

  2. Freya says:

    well at least your sky was looking a lot nicer than my sky today :) I had it grey in grey…

  3. Stefan says:

    @aka: [:ro]Multam ;-) Nu e mereu asa ordonat insa de regula este. Nemtilor le place ordinea![:en]Thanks ;-) It’s not always so ordered but most of the time it is. Germans like order!

    @Freya: [:en]Don’t worry, I am coming back to the grey sky on friday ;-) But maybe we are lucky and we get some sun[:ro]Nu iti fa probleme, o sa ma intorc vineri la cerul gri ;-) Dar cine stie, poate avem noroc si apare soarele

  4. Dany says:

    Atentie cu turbina aia, ma indoiesc ca ai voie sa pui chiar ce vrei tu pe casa! Verificati mai intai.

  5. Stefan says:

    [:ro]In principiu se pare ca nu ai nevoie de nici un permis special, din ce am mai citit. Insa mai toata lumea sugereaza sa intrebi la primarie sau asa ceva. Evident ca asa o sa facem cand o sa vina timpul ;-)[:en]It seems that you dont need any special permit, from what I’ve read. But people do recommend to ask first, which is what we will do when the time comes.

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