Nokia 5310

No, it’s not mine, it’s Freya’s new mobile phone. It was a “gift” of sorts from Phonehouse, the company through which we both have our Vodafone subscriptions. They had a special offer for existing customers (in this case the phone was about 100 € cheaper than on the market), the only condition was the contract extension with another 24 months, which we would’ve done anyway so why not ?

It’s a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic and it looks very cute. It’s small, thin, extremely light at 71g with batery (quite a change from her old Nokia 6233 at 241g) and it has pretty much everything you need: bluetooth, camera, video/audio player, microSD card, USB, etc. I like it ;-)

About a year ago when I signed up for my subscription via Phonehouse, they did all kind of crap to me (wrong roaming invoices, delayed activation for my data plan, slow replies to my letters, etc) so I just got pissed off at one time and sent them a cancellation letter. Meanwhile the problems got solved but I forgot about the letter. Couple of months ago they called me and offered a 250 € voucher if I stay with them, which I would’ve done anyway so I accepted. I was pleasantly surprised, I have to admit.

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