Schorndorf Christmas Market

Today it was a very nice and sunny day outside, even though it was very cold, only 1C or less. We decided to get out of the house for a while and we went to see the Christmas market from Schorndorf. Until we got there the sun was setting but it was still nice, the place looked really pretty with all the decorations on the houses in the Marktplatz. I am not a wine drinker but I did try some Glühwein which really makes you forget about the cold weather. Some pictures from the Marktplatz:

2 Responses to “Schorndorf Christmas Market”

  1. brontozaurel says:

    [:ro]Foarte frumos! Chiar ma gandeam zilele trecute ca mi-ar placea si mie la nemti exact din motivul asta: reusesc sa creeze o atmosfera de sarbatori deosebita, o atmosfera care nu stiu sa se fi facut vreodata simtita aici in Bucuresti.[:en]Very nice!

    • Stefan says:

      [:ro]Majoritatea oraselor vechi au un astfel de “Marktplatz” si recunosc ca arata frumos atunci cand totul e impodobit. Si e asa cum zici tu, nu am vazut niciodata asa ceva in Bucuresti. Acolo impodobeala arata cam ca nuca in perete.[:en]Most of the old cities have such a “Marktplatz” and I admit that it looks pretty when everything is set up nicely. And it’s like you said, I never saw something like this in Bucharest. When they do put lights and stuff, it looks out of place somehow.

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