Present for bikers

I have a friend who has biker talents. And since he can only buy stuff from Louis, I went downtown today to their two locations to look for some boots. But not any kind of boots. No way. These boots had to be the famous Sancho Tucson II ! I, the farmer, had no damn clue who the guy is but to my friend, the guy has no secrets. This is not kiddie stuff, these are real badass biker boots:

And since the dude never drank wheat beer before (Weißbier) I thought that I should be so nice and stuff the boots with two bottles, in the Christmas spirit. I hope the guys from Eurolines won’t mind tomorrow when I take them there to be delivered to Romania.

2 Responses to “Present for bikers”

  1. Babanul says:

    ce sa facem daca numai la Louis se gasesc…. Multumesc man.

  2. Stefan says:

    [:en]You’re welcome ;-)[:ro]Sa cresti mare ;-)

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