Some people are pigs

Like the people who lived in the house we just bought. At the first floor a family with 3 kids lived for 9 years or so. I have to say that I don’t think  the kitchen was ever cleaned in those 9 years. On all wooden surfaces, on windows, on the ceiling and on the walls there are layers of grease and substances I am sure I don’t want to know what they are. Today we almost finished with the kitchen, which was really painful because the smartasses put the wallpapers on top of the old ones, without taking them off first.

It’s about the same with all the other rooms. At the moment we are working on removing the old wallpapers, carpets, etc, so the place looks a bit pathetic and it’s a bit depressing. But once we finish with removing all the dirt, we’ll start putting wallpapers, paint, put laminat on the floors, etc, the place will start looking much better. At the same time I am driving back and forth (there are about 30km between where we live now and Schorndorf) trying to move some of our things, especially I am trying to empty the room in the basement. Eventually I will have to rent a van because there are things which are too big.

Yeah, that’s how our holiday looks like: work. I hope yours is better ;-)

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  1. brontozaurel says:

    [:en]That’s sad. Same thing happened to me when I moved in here. I don’t know how those people could live like this. The good part is that, after all that work, you’ll be able to live in a pleasant and friendly environment. ;)
    [:ro]Asta e trist. Am patit-o si eu la fel cand m-am mutat aici. Nu stiu cum au putut sa traiasca oamenii aia asa. Partea buna este ca, dupa atata munca, vei putea sa locuiesti intr-un mediu placut si prietenos. ;)
    P.S. La Multi Ani! ca azi esti sfant :)

    • Stefan says:

      [:en]Yes, that’s what we are thinking too. Once everything is done it will look nice and feel good. And thanks ;-) [:ro]Da, asta zicem si noi. Dupa ce totul o sa se termine o sa arate frumos si o sa ne simtim bine acolo. Si multumesc ;-)

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