Last week was extremely cold, with highs during the day of -3C or -4C. I am not even talking about nights, it went down as low as -14C. Last week I also started work after my nice “vacation”, which was not really that much fun. At least for me; it started with a dead power supply of a Cisco 7609 (followed shortly by a disaster in the replacement procedures) and with all kind of problems and bugs in the GetVPN implementation which currently takes place. I have no reason to believe the next week will be any different.

Otherwise things are kinda hectic. The renovation goes well but it’s still a lot to be done. Meanwhile the apartment on the first floor is starting to look better. Next week we will start working on the second floor apartment, where there is a little bit less work so it’s possible that we finish before the end of the month. I took the last week of January off and I already rented a van for the moving, an 3.5t Iveco Daily. It’s going to be extremely fun.

And because I was dumb and didn’t realize at the time, in the first week of February (immediately after I moved) I will have my SNRS class. If I would’ve thought for a bit I should not have agreed with this so soon. And on top of it, it takes place all the way in Utrecht, Netherlands. Well, nothing I can do about that now.

In other news, “Stargate Atlantis” is over, I watched yesterday the last episode :-( I’ve seen pretty much everything from the Stargate series: SG1, Atlantis as well as all the Stargate movies released so far. The next franchise will be “Stargate Universe” but that’s scheduled for release only in August 2009 so I still have to wait some more. That sucks ;-)

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  1. Stargate is probably the best science fiction series after Firefly. Nice visual effects too.-”~

  2. Stargate SG1 is much better than Stargate the movie. the series has lots of action and adventure.’,~

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