Today I’ve been given two volumes from the Hellsing comics. They are one of the mangas which I liked a lot, I’ve seen the 13 episodes which were out on DVDs several times each. I had the luck of getting the japanese version with english subtitles, sounds much better than the english audio track.

I guess they are not on everyone’s taste: vampires, violence, blood (a lot), etc. But I liked it and I would say it’s worth seeing ;-) I am glad I got the first two volumes, the comics were published before the DVDs and it seems they are much better.

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  1. Melody says:

    (I visited your blog because everyone and their dog wanted to see the famous entry because of which that I-D-I-O-T threatened to sue you, lol.)

  2. kyodnb says:

    Si mie mi-a placut anime-ul alaturi de alte citeva.Am pe undeva manga-ul scanat dar din ce am vazut parca erau la fel. Si in cazul asta mi-a placut mai mult serialul spre deosebire de berserk unde sunt inebunit dupa manga si mai putin dupa serial. Insa, cred ca fiecare are farmecul sau. Si farmecu e cu atata mai mare cu cat poti tine volumul manga in mina si ai si posibilitatea sa o rasfoiesti.

  3. Stefan says:

    [:ro]In mare parte manga este la fel cu serialul, diferentele nu sunt majore din ce am vazut :-) Sincer sa fiu asta este primul meu volum de manga, e destul de interesant cititul in directie inversa, de la dreapta la stanga. Da’ m’am obisnuit repede.[:en]The manga is mostly the same as the DVDs, the differences are not that many from what I saw so far ;-) To be honest this is my first manga, it’s pretty interesting the backwards reading, from right to left. But I got used to it kinda quick.

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