Kinda busy

This week things were very busy at work, there are all kind of problems in the current GETVPN deployment. But I can’t complain, to be honest. I like this better than looking out of the window without anything to do. Besides, I think this is the best way to learn. I am directly involved in the implementation, testing and troubleshooting which mean I got deep into all kind of concepts which I would not have touched otherwise. That will do me good since GETVPN is part of the study material for my SNRS exam, which I have to pass before end of March.

It’s interesting to see how such a huge project takes place when you are on both sides of the fence, Cisco and the customer. We are working as Cisco engineers on customer’s premises so we have an unique view of the whole project (the technical part anyway). On the other side, I can’t help noticing major differences in the way an american corporation (Cisco) and a german one (the customer) work internally. At Cisco, working remotely (via VPN) is a non-issue. Each laptop has the VPN client installed by default. There is a big part of the employees who are mobile workers so remote access into the Cisco network is perfectly natural. That’s a big difference compared to the customer (and many other german companies) where it’s incredibly hard to get permission for something like this. I have never seen more paranoic people than the germans when it comes to security. But anyway, we do what we can.

In other news, it seems the car will be ready around thursday next week, at least that’s what the guy at the VW dealership told me this morning. I planned initially to drive to Utrecht for my training  but in the end I decided to go by train. The time is the same or even less if I think I could get into some big traffic jams on the autobahn. And I will have time to read something, watch a movie, etc. I think last time I was in an ICE train was many years ago, it should be interesting.

Enough for now, it’s late so I guess I just go to bed.

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  1. Freya says:

    unfortunately this does not go for all American corporations :( but it is something to dream about :)

  2. Stefan says:

    [:en]I guess there are exceptions too ;-)[:ro]Presupun ca mai sunt si exceptii ;-)

  3. Catalin says:


    Pe scurt, am tema pentru proiectul de licenta GET VPN si am nevoie de niste materiale mai complete desprea GET VPN. Din ce am gasit nu mi se pare ca e suficient tratat. Poti sa ma ajuti in acest sens ?
    Multumesc anticipat

  4. Stefan says:

    Pai mai intai spune’mi ce materiale ai si nu sunt suficiente. Te’ai uitat pe ? Este o gramada de documentatie despre GETVPN. Daca nu ai acces acolo sau nu reusesti sa gasesti ce cauti, spune’mi si o sa incerc sa fac o colectie de link’uri utile.

  5. Catalin says:

    Am luat de pe CISCO:
    si in plus cateva brosuri. In primul document este mai mult partea de configurare. Eu as vrea mai mult considerente teoretice detaliate.
    Am mai gasit de asemenea si pe o carte , dar la fel sunt doar cateva pagini teoretice dupa care o condiguratie:

    CCIE Professional Development Series Network Security Technologies and Solutions
    by Yusuf CCIE No. 9305 Bhaiji

    Pentru partea practica vreau sa fac ceva in GNS3 cu imagini IOS CISCO. Poti sa imi recomanzi o versiune de IOS si model care sa manance mai putine resurse pe PC.


  6. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Salut Catalin,

    Scuze de raspunsul intarziat, sunt in vacanta si abia seara ajung sa imi citesc mesajele.

    Eu zic ca un document bun este “GETVPN Design and Implementation Guide”: Am incercat adineauri sa gasesc documentele de la cursul de GETVPN pe care l’am facut la GlobalKnowledge insa cre’ ca sunt prea adormit, ma uit maine dupa ele.

    In legatura cu GNS3, ai nevoie de un IOS care stie crypto pe langa GETVPN si asta mananca destul resurse. Folosind “Software Advisor” nu gasesc un IOS cu GETVPN pe un 2600 asa ca pana la urma probabil ca trebuie sa folosesti un 12.4(22)T (256MB DRAM, MB Flash) pe un 7200 ca sa testezi cum trebuie GETVPN.
    [:en]Hi Catalin,

    Sorry for the delayed answer, I am in vacation and I get to read my messages only at night.

    I would say that a good document is “GETVPN Design and Implementation Guide”: I just tried to find my documents from the GETVPN class I had at GlobalKnowledge but I think I am too sleepy for that, I will try tomorrow.

    About GNS3, you need a IOS which knows crypto and GETVPN and those use a lot of resources. Using “Software Advisor” I can’t find a IOS which supports GETVPN on a 2600 so I think you’ll have to use 12.4(22)T (256MB DRAM, MB Flash) on a 7200 to properly test GETVPN.

  7. Catalin says:


    GETVPN merge pe CISCO 800,1800, 2800, 2800 si 7200. Din pacate GNS3 are doar 7200 din astea si mananca enorm de multe resurse (acum am 2 Gb de RAM asa ca va terbui sa mai iau inca 2 !). O sa caut un IOS 12.4(22)T. E perfect daca ai documentatie de la training. Astept raspunsul tau cu nerabdare.
    Mersi si o zi frumoasa,


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