Slow blogging

Lately I have been kinda busy with the renovation which means I haven’t written much. We didn’t really have a Christmas nor a New Year; I can’t wait for this month to end and see myself moved. We’ll still have a lot of work to do but at least this step will be finished.

Free piece of advice: don’t ever move or renovate your house/apartment in winter, it really sucks. The weather here didn’t help either because it was quite cold (2C max during daytime and -8C or lower during nights), it getd dark soon and you don’t feel like doing anything anymore. And last night it started to snow again. Excellent, exactly what we needed. On Wednesday I start work again, more shuttling back and forth between here and Munich. I hope that I can get vacation the last week of this month, when the actual move will take place.


Yep, that’s the future: energy savings lamps. All incandescent light bulbs from our house will go away, even though these new bulbs are more expensive. A 20W bulb like the one above (which gives out the same amount of visible light as a 100W incandescent bulb) costs somewhere around 9 €, if you want it with natural light. Which is highly recommended because there are many studies which show that natural light is good for our general health. If you want it with “warmer” light then you can get it cheaper.

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  1. brontozaurel says:

    eu mi-am schimbat doua geamuri in decembrie si e intr-adevar neplacut… bate un vant rece prin casa timp de cateva ore, ingheata degetele, e trist cand se intuneca…

    cat despre becurile economice… la pretul de 9 euro mi se par scumpe – eu mi-am inlocuit acum un an toate becurile cu incandescenta din casa cu becuri economice cu lumina alba si am dat intre 14 si 20 de lei, in functie de tipul de bec

  2. Stefan says:

    [:en]I would find them cheaper but from what I’ve read they are not so reliable, no as bright as they should be, the break easier, etc.

    We use a lot of lights in the house so in the long term it will definitely pay off. I hope ;-)

    [:ro]Le’as gasi mai ieftine insa din ce am mai citit, nu sunt de calitate, nu sunt asa de luminoase cum ar trebui, se strica mai repede, etc.

    In casa se folosesc o gramada de becuri asa ca pe termen lung o sa renteze cu varf si indesat. Sper ;-)

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