So much for the bathrooms …

Well, so much for the two bathrooms, I don’t think it’s gonna happen, not with the company we talk to so far. We had an interesting meeting with them last friday.

As I was mentioning before, we had a very unpleasant experience with a guy from that company. As a result we sent them an official complaint letter, relatively tough but polite, in which we were expressing our total disapproval about the way their employee handled the whole stuff. So, the guy comes back from vacation on the 7th of january and tries to contact us. I was in a meeting but he manages to talk to Freya. He just wanted some information, didn’t say anything about our letter. I just assumed he didn’t get it yet. I just sent him the information he needed via email then we exchanged couple more emails, things he needed for our quote. I still didn’t understand how he could send us a quote when he didn’t actually see how the pipes in the store looked like, as it was planned.

Anyway, we get the quote (quite a lot of money) and we set up an appointment at their office to discuss it. We didn’t really know what to believe, we just thought we’d give them another chance after their previous failure. We get there and we talk about the quote for a while. We realize that there are things he does not know (particulary how the piping for the toilet from the 1st floor gets there), things he would know if he would’ve came when he promised. Finally, the guy pulls out of his folder our complaint letter and also a german translation of the my blog post that I mentioned above!

As a small sidenote, when I got home and checked the logs I saw that he googled my email domain, found my blog and then he read every single post, tag, category, etc from my blog. Everything through Google Translate because he most likely didn’t understand english or romanian. I wish I had more such thorough readers, I would have some cool statistics. I even felt flattered for a nanosecond or two but then I quickly got over it because I got some Gestapo-like flashbacks with people in a badly-lit room, looking at screens and analyzing each post, phrase, sentence, word and pixel from my blog, trying to find Achile’s heel.

Coming back to our discussion, the guy actually googled me. Most likely Freya too but she’s like 10.000 times less present than me on the net. He expressed his disapproval about my obvious lack of glory in describing his performance. On my personal blog … I tried to explain that he actually made us lose a lot of time and that now it’s unlikely we’ll ever finish the bathrooms before we have to move. I also tried to find out why he didn’t keep his promise with the visit and why he didn’t at least contact us to let us know, but in vain. He said that he was extremely busy (don’t see how that is my problem), that he had to cover for another colleague who was in vacation (again, I don’t think that is my problem) and in the end he said something like: “Why didn’t you contact me?”. WTF ?! If he made a promise he should keep it. And if he can’t then he should just pick up the phone and call, it takes what, 2 minutes ? But no, he preferred to leave his customer in the dark and leave in vacation. There were some other things too, like he actually came on friday but the lady in the store was not there. Even though he should’ve come when he promised, tuesday that is, during the day he spoke with Freya on the phone. And so on.

Anyway, seeing that we were not getting anywhere, we asked him to give us two minutes to decide how we should proceed. That was no problem, he got up and went to another office where he kept talking with someone else. The guy has a very strong schwäbisch accent so I didn’t really get all of it but Freya did. They were talking about us or about our bathrooms. Before we finished talking, another guy comes to us and starts explaining (speaking very very fast) how they are extremely busy, how they have a lot of orders which came in november (!!) and that there is no way they could start working before march. We were just looking at him unbelieving. We didn’t even bother to tell him that the guy we initially talked to said that we would get the quote before Christmas and that if all was well, they could start working in early January. If they had orders from the previous month that guy would’ve known. Obviously something stinks here.

Then, when he heard we still need to speak with the bank about financing, he looked at the final price and started to talk with what appeared to be great enthusiasm about us having to add quite a lot to that amount because the house is of old construction and things can “come up”. Right. It was kinda clear to us that they don’t really want to do this job and that they just want to get rid of us. We had explained to them from the very beginning that we are tight with the time and there is no way we can wait until march. Good riddance, we just said our goodbyes and we left.

See, it does not really matter how big the company is or how good your shop looks like; in the end the way the customer is treated matters. Pitty, the guy we talked to initially (the boss, we assumed) seemed like a really nice guy, sincere and wanting to help. But otherwise … let’s just say we were less than impressed.

The bad thing is, now we have to do something with the existent bathrooms before we move. After we make them usable, we’ll have a bit of breathing space and we can start looking for someone more serious. What a mess.

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  1. aka says:

    That’s funny! Sort of. They should have spent the time it took to read the translated version of your blog for actually serving their clients, you. Or at least, after reading your thoughts on your blog, they should take it as feedback for improving their (not so reliable) services.

  2. Stefan says:

    [:en]What is funny though is that I don’t have the impression they think they did something wrong. We addressed that letter to the management, not to him, and we haven’t hard anything from them. Anyway, it does not matter, we’ll find another solution.[:ro]Amuzant e ca nu am impresia ca ei sunt constienti ca au facut ceva gresit. Am adresat acea scrisoare conducerii, nu lui, si pana acum nu am auzit nimic de la ei. In fine, nu conteaza, o sa gasim o alta solutie.

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