Solid metal bar – 1, Me – 0

Oh well, this had to happen eventually to me too I guess, my first “accident” since I am here. And who’s fault is it ? That’s right, mine.

It all happened saturday evening when we were working at the house. I realized I had to buy some more stuff from Toom so I got into the car and I tried to get out of the parking. Another car was coming from the other direction (still in the parking) so I tried to squeeze between the guy and the parked cars. I passed (a little annoyed since he was driving on the middle) but shortly after that I didn’t pay enough attention and I passed too close to a tree. Which tree had some thick protection metal bars. Which metal bars impacted my car (notice the blame shift …). I was not driving fast, maybe 10-15 km/h but enough to mess up really bad my left headlight, bumper and side.

I backed up (with the torn remains of the left-side bumper and headlight hanging and I parked again. Then I got out of the car and admired my masterpiece. This is exactly what I needed, what a mess. You could not drive the car anymore because parts of the bumper were scrapping badly against the left tire. After realizing the bumper and headlight won’t magically put themselves back together just by me looking at them (and after Freya managed to get me a bit out of my dark mood) I resigned myself and called the police. They arrived after 15 minutes or so, two of them, a woman and a guy. The police car was also a Passat but it was in one piece, unlike mine which was in .. many. Of course they asked me if I had something to drink and the guy actually checked. What kind of idiot drinks and then calls the police ? I guess they tried their luck.

Anyway, there was not much to report since no other car was involved. They just told me that I might get a fine from the City if they decide to press charges for me hitting the tree protection bar !! I could not believe it. They actually looked at the metal bar but it was obvious that I was not the first, there were all kind of paint marks on it. In the end they probably realized how stupid that sounds and they dropped that. Then they wished me luck (Gee … thanks!) and left.

All things considered, what happened next went better than I expected. Saturday and Sunday I could not do much, but monday morning I went to the local VW dealer. The car being new it has a 3 year warranty and some other kind of VW insurance on top of that. The guy was very helpful, he registered the whole thing and we called the ADAC. The ADAC dudes were very quick, in less than one hour the car was standing in the dealer’s parking. Free of course, that’s why I am a member. In the meantime I had called the insurance and registered the accident. I gave the neeed info to the guy at the VW dealership, I got the replacement car (they have to give you one if they can’t repair yours in 3-4 hours) and that was it. When I got home I just let the carfleet people at my company about the vent and now I am waiting to be called when the car is repaired.

It’s a shame, poor car. It had only 7km onboard when I got it from the company. But I guess Murphy was right: “If shit can happen then shit WILL happen

6 Responses to “Solid metal bar – 1, Me – 0”

  1. m4nt13 says:

    :) trebuia sa se intample odata, nu?
    stai sa vezi cum se merge cu masina in madrid. in 5 ani nu am vazut masina fara macar o zgaietura sau aripile putin infundate…

  2. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Cam asa am vazut si eu in Paris. Insa francezii sunt alta mancare de peste. Nemtii sunt altfel ;-)[:en]Yes, I saw some like that in Paris but the french are weird. Germans are different ;-)

  3. WD says:

    Ce repede se misca nemtii, dc. erai in Romania stateai la constatator 10 ani si masina de schimb, ce e aia ? :))).Se mai intampla, bine ca nu era masina personala, da tot te atasezi de ea !

  4. Stefan says:

    Un constatator de la asigurare tot vine, insa nu am avut eu treaba cu el. Cei de la reprezentanta s’au inteles cu el. Si asa este, te atasezi de ea ;-)

  5. decoder says:

    park distance control e solutia. adoarme instinctele insa de multe ori e util.

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