Bad weather is back

Weather was a little bit warmer for a while (and by that I only mean couple of degrees above zero) but then it all went to hell again. This is what I was seeing yesterday from my office window:

Bad. Today it calmed down a bit and it looks like this:

I am tired of winter. I am tired of snow. I am tired of cold, wet, ice and cold wind. I am tired of negative temperatures. I don’t want much, just couple of degrees above zero.

Tonight I get home after 20:00h so there is no time to do anything. Tomorrow we have to go to all kind of places, shopping, etc. On sunday we have a bit of relax time but starting with monday, we’re at it again. I am still home for that day but it’s going to be a busy day.

In the morning I have to go to the old apartment, we arranged with a company to come and pick up the last of the heavy furniture pieces. Then I have to drive to the capital city of this Kreis where I will apply for my new driving license, because I can’t do it in my own village. Of course, it’s not free: 41 €. Then back to Hertz, where I rented again a van for a day. Then back home, pick up the mountain of trash bags, old electric equipment, old wood and so on. To the dumpsite place, back to Hertz and then finally at home. The day is probably over by then ;-) Great.

2 Responses to “Bad weather is back”

  1. Freya says:

    well :) you really could get an even worse view out of my office window…

  2. Stefan says:

    Oh yeah? Let’s see it ;-)

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