Driving License

I remember many years ago when I got my driving license: complicated business, lots of paperwork, long lines, heat, smelly crowds, public workers with the enthusiasm of a brick, etc. I don’t know what’s it like these days, not sure if anything changed.

Well, today being my free day, I managed to get to the Kreis capital. The Landratsamt building (the authority which deals, among other things, with driving licenses) has its own underground garage so I didn’t have to look all over the place for a parking spot. I got inside, there was nobody in front of me so a lady asked me if she can help. I told her the story, she asked for a picture, a form (which I had already filled in at home, it’s available on the net) and an ID. And that was it. She explained that if the Police stops me it should be ok, at least in Germany, they will know about it. 5 minutes later I was out of the building. I wonder how  much something like this takes, requesting a replacement driving license after yours was stolen. Would be interesting to know if things changed.

I managed to day to get a parking permit from the town hall. It does not allow me to park in front of the house (it’s a pedestrian zone) but I can park for free in the marked spots from the area. It’s not the most idea l solution but it’s kinda messed up with the parking around here because it’s the old city center. I can rent a permanent parking spot in one of the park hauses in the area but I pay 45 euros per month and while it’s not that far, it’s not in front of the house. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

Today I also made another trip to the dumpsite place with a van full of trash bags, old wood, old electric devices, metal, etc. It was cold, heavy snow, wet, very bleh, yucky! And this time there was a guy watching us and he took his job really serious: “Oh, this goes there”, “This goes over there”, “No, no, no, this does not go in here. This is type 3 electrical trash, go on the other side”, “Oh, cardboard ? Over there, in that container”. Shit, that dude ran us all over the place. I hope I won’t have to go there anytime soon.

And now off to bed. Since I moved here I need 25 more minutes to get to Münich in the morning so I have to wake up at 4:00am. Great.

4 Responses to “Driving License”

  1. decoder says:

    4:00 dimineata?!
    lucrezi la fabrica de lapte :D

    • Stefan says:

      [:ro]Deh, trebuie sa fiu teoretic la 7:00 la servici si prefer asa decat sa vin cu o zi inainte si sa stau o noapte in plus in hotel.[:en]Well, normally I have to be at work at 7:00 and I prefer it like this as opposed to coming here one day earlier and spending another night in a hotel

  2. Alex says:

    Cred că în România dura vreo două 2-3 săptămâni toată procedura. :-D

  3. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Pana imi vine carnetul si aici dureaza ceva insa doar procedura de predare a actelor a mers extrem de repede ;-)[:en]Until I actually get my driving license, it’s gonna take a while here too. But at least the paperwork part went really quick ;-)

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