Since we had some “very pleasant” experiences with Alice, we decided some time ago that we will switch to another internet service provider, to Deutsche Telekom actually. This friday on the 27.02 the switch is supposed to take place. The thing is, besides the confirmation I have not received anything yet from Telekom: no modem, router, connection info, etc. I wrote them an email some time ago but I got no answer so far.

Today in my lunch break I went to the local T-Punkt in an attempt to find out what’s going on. Unfortunately the lady there was not so helpful. She has to get in touch with the Porting department (since I come from Alice) and she can only give me some news tomorrow, so I have to go there again. She did give me a good news though, apparently if I dont get the connection info in time, I can request some kind of instant login/password so I can use the internet temporarily. Which should be enough because the router I am using now (a Fritz!Box 7270) should work just fine with Telekom.

I hope things will go smooth because it’s gonna suck big time if friday comes and no internet is available. It’s going to be some really dark times for the internet junkies in that house!

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  1. decoder says:

    ca urmarea a experientelor destul de placute cu DT si 1und1 am semnat cu KabelBW. Experienta (mea) cu DT a fost cea mai trista, de aia-ti urez bafta.

  2. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Cu KabelBW nu am avut nici un fel de probleme, a functionat perfect. Din pacate nu au vrut sa ne conecteze la noua adresa. Si avand in vedere ca am nevoie si de TV, singura optiune este DT.[:en]I never had any issues with KabelBW, it worked perfectly. Unfortunately they didn’t want to connect me at the new address. I need TV so the only other choice is DT

  3. Horatiu says:

    Ciudat ca acu vreo 4-5 ani toata lumea fugea de Telekom, iar acuma este un trend de intoarcere la matca. Oare chiar sa-si fi schimbat naravurile DTu?

    • Stefan says:

      [:ro]S’au mai schimbat lucrurile da’ pana la urma cre’ ca trebe sa ai si un noroc ;-) In cazul meu nu prea am de ales. [:en]Things changed a bit recently but in the end I think you need to have little bit of luck ;-) In my case I don’t really have a choice.

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