New bed

As a result of the move our bed was “redistributed” somewhere else so we have to get a new one. After some searching we found something in an eBay shop which fit our requirements: has to be low and made out of massive pine wood. It had all it needed (except the mattress, which we already have), it was on stock and it was not so expensive (just 60 euros without shipping) so I ordered it. I paid with Paypal so the shop go the money instantly. Then we waited for the delivery, which normally takes place in couple of days. And we waited, and then waited some more.

After about 10 days of waiting I had enough and I sent them an email asking what’s going on. I got a reply relatively quick in which I was informed that the bed is no longer on stock and that I will get it in 2-3 weeks when it becomes available. WTF ?! I really didn’t have time for this so I told them that this is not acceptable and they should cancel the order and refund the money immediately. They tried to change my mind by offering me the same bed but in different colors (dark brown) but it didn’t work. When I told them that I will open a formal complaint with Paypal/eBay if they don’t refund the money by noon, they reacted quickly and shortly after I had my money in my Paypal account.

We found something else now, it’s a bit more expensive but the quality is supposed to be much better. I hope this order will go smoother.

Bottom line:

  • cheap means in most cases bad, not better.
  • if the ebay seller has less than 98% positive comments, don’t buy, it’s probably not worth it.
  • do a bit of research before you buy, see what people have to say about the seller/shop.
  • have a bit of luck and live in a country where consumer protection works decently.

4 Responses to “New bed”

  1. aka says:

    Feedback pe eBay le lasi?

  2. Stefan says:

    Au retras tranzactia de pe ebay (cu acordul meu) ceea ce este o procedura valida. Daca faci asta atunci nu mai poti da feedback. Ala merge doar la tranzactii finalizate.

  3. aka says:

    Adica ai primit un mail cu subiectul “Request from seller to cancel transaction …”?

    Eu am intalnit un caz asemanator in care la fel nu au avut produsul pe stock. Dupa mail-ul respectiv am fost de acord sa anulam tranzactia, dar inca mai am posibilitatea sa las feedback.

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