It had to happen to me too. Actually, it didn’t HAVE to happen but it did anyway. They stole my wallet :-( I don’t know exactly where but most likely it was in the Central Trainstation from Utrecht, while I was waiting for my train. I arrived there earlier and I had to waste some time. I assume it happened at the Burger King, I had my jacket on the chair and I was typing some at the laptop. In any case, after I got out of there I tried to reach for my wallet and it was just gone. All I had left was 1,70 euros in my jean’s pocket. Luckily, I had the train ticket in the backpack and not in my wallet or I would’ve been beyond screwed.

Of course, lots of problems suddenly became apparent. I had no more money, I had lost lots of cards (credit, debit, insurance, gas, etc), driving license, lots of bills and receipts for which I can’t get reimbursed anymore and so on. The bad thing was that the train ticket only works in combination with the card which was declared when it was bought online. Luckily, the guy felt sorry for me and accepted my passport as ID. I had to call all the banks and tell them to block the cards. The replacement credit card will get to me soon but the debit cards will take at least 2 weeks (plus 10 euro per card replacement fee, bastards!). The card I use at the gas stations will take at least 4 weeks.

It’s a bit more complicated with the driving license, I can’t do anything in my village, you can only do this in the capital of the Landkreis. But by the time I found this out they already closed for the day. They close at 12:00h, we don’t want them to kill themselves working. And without my driving license I can’t obtain this parking permit which allows me to park around the house. Which means I will start getting parking fines (I have already started … ).

So basically I had arrived at the Utrecht trainstation at around 14:00, shortly after that my wallet got stollen which means that by the time I got to Stuttgart at 22:00h, I was almost fainting from lack of food. Lucikly Freya came to my rescue with a sandwich and money to get my car out of the parking. I had to do some talking with the security dude since I didn’t have the parking card anymore. Yep, you guessed it , it was in the wallet.

Murphy strikes again! “If shit can happen then shit WILL happen”

4 Responses to “Thieves”

  1. WD says:

    si eu imi tin toate actele in portofel :) … pana acuma n-am avut norocu’ asta :D.
    intrebare : ce faceai daca biletul de tren era in portofel ?

  2. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Nici nu vreau sa ma gandesc :-) In mod normal Visa iti ofera o posibilitate sa primesti niste bani in situati de urgenta, insa nu am folosit asa ceva niciodata, nu stiu cum functioneaza.[:en]I don’t even want to think about it :-) Normally Visa can offer you some money in case of an emergency but I have never used this, no clue how it works exactly.

  3. decoder says:

    peste tot pe unde ma invart aud de hoti. sau inmultit, deci grija mare.

    • Stefan says:

      [:ro]Vad ;-) De regula merg cu masina, nu cu trenul, asa ca nu am fost prea pregatit sa ma protejez. Da’ in mod clar o sa o fac de acum incolo.[:en]I can see that ;-) I usually drive, not travel by train, so I was not really prepared for this. But I will be from now on, that’s for sure.

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