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I have finally a breathing moment, I am currently in the ICE train which takes me to Utrecht, where I have my SNRS Cisco course. I will be in the train for another 6 hours or so. I don’t think I will be able to post this before I get to the hotel though.

What a week of nightmare! I have worked like a madman until the last moment when I had to leave to the train station. Since Wednesday I had rented a van, a Fiat Ducato, and ever since we’re packing and moving stuff continuously, from early in the morning until well after midnight. It’s unbelievable how many things can fit in a apartment. Not to mention the heavy stuff which really kill you: oven, dishwasher, wash machine, dryer, fridge, etc. I think every single muscle hurts, my back is killing me, fingers, palms .. even the bones.

My brain is not really functioning right now but I will list some of the past week’s highlights, in random order.

IKEA. At the IKEA in Stuttgart they opened a couple of unmanned checkouts. You scan the products yourself, pay with the card and then you’re on your way, quick and easy. Everything works on trust (and a little bit of surveillance, probably). But I really don’t think too many people will try to cheat. I asked myself when will they implement such a system in Romania but then I started laughing.

Trash. We produced incredible amounts of all kind of trash: rubble, old wallpapers, carpets, metal trash, electric devices, old wood, etc. Two van loads. The solution here for something like this is what they call a “deponie” (dumpsite). You go there with your car, van, truck etc and you pay based on weight. I paid 15 euros first time and 25 euros the second times, which I really don’t think it’s so bad. I was afraid I would be stuck with the mountain of trash. Then you just drive to one of the big containers and drop the stuff in there, based on the type of trash: stuff which burns, metals, ceramics, etc.

Fiat Ducato. It’s pretty cool to drive that van and look from above at all the other cars. For some reason it made me  think of my Unreal Tournament days when I would be sniping from a high spot and my toon would say some like “Die, bitch!!” whenever I would score a headshot and splash someones brains all over the ground. Good old days.

Cold. I know I said this before but here it is again: do not move in winter. Ever!

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  1. Freya says:

    Hey :) It is not hopeless, I can still sit here and read about our nightmare week and start laughing :) You know what happened today? I walked upstairs and the 9 minute thing sprayed in my face. I just started laughing, thinking about how you said it would happen to you sooner or later :)

  2. Stefan says:

    [:en]I knew it! That thing sits there and it’s like it says “Come on, just step over here and I’ll spray you in the face!” ;-)[:ro]Eram sigur! Chestia aia sta acolo si parca spune: hai, treci prin dreptul meu si o sa iti dau cu deodorant in fata! ;-)

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