Enjoy the little things

Another week started so I find myself (again … ) driving very early in the morning on the autobahns towards my lovely workplace. This week is a bit different since I have to arrive at my destination at 8:45 or so, as opposed to the usual 7:00. I decided to leave very early and spend some time near the destination drinking a coffee and having some breakfast than being stuck in traffic jams. A bit after 7:00 everyone and their dog get in car and drive to work so that’s a period to be avoided. So I ended up in this “rasthof” on the autobahn.

When you drive this early in the morning you try your best to stay awake so you end up thinking all kind of things. Today I had a revelation and I feel the need to share it with whoever reads this post. Ok, maybe revelation is a  bit of an overstatement and some people might call me Mr. Obvious but still, I think sometime we need to hear the obvious. This goes for me too.

Most of the time, life sucks. That’s no big secret but somehow we have to get through it, we have to stay sane. How ?  How can we find that much needed inner strength? We need to take joy in the little things. As grim as life might seem at times, there are always the little things which makes it worth while. Enjoy a patch of blue sky. Enjoy that ray of light. Enjoy that song you hear in your MP3 player or at the radio. Be happy when you see your loved one smile. Smile back! Enjoy the song of a bird. Enjoy the laugh of a child. Enjoy the silence. Enjoy music. Remember that it could always be worse, for so many people it is! Be happy you are alive. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Enjoy a good book. Give your kid a hug, be happy you can do that, many people can’t. There are so many things we take for granted and we only realize that when we lose them.

Dear reader, enjoy the little things. Enjoy life.

2 Responses to “Enjoy the little things”

  1. Horatiu says:

    Poetica tare faza, nu ma asteptam. Pe de alta parte bine ca n-ai adormit la volan.

  2. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Da, din cand in cand mai am sclipiri d’astea ;-)
    [:en]Yes, from time to time I have moments like this ;-)

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