GETVPN Training

This week from monday through wednesday, I took part in a GETVPN course at a training center in Munich. From what I know, this is not a standard Cisco course but at the request of the customer we’re working for, Global Knowledge (a Cisco training partner) organized everything. Even though there were not many new things for me in those three days, the course was welcomed because the project I am working at right now is exactly about this: traffic encryption in a large-scale MPLS network with GETVPN. The course was a good opportunity for me to practice again my knowledge about GETVPN. The troubleshooting sessions helped too, we’ve tested all kind of scenarios, simulating as much as possible the live MPLS network we work with at the office.

In case what I said above sounds worse than ancient chinese to some of my readers, GETVPN (which stands for Group Encrypted Transport Virtual Private Networks) is a technology used to encrypt customer traffic through the private network of a Internet Service Provider (usually). GETVPN allows secure communication between all customer branches without being affected by the scalability issues of the classical methods of encryption (like IPsec tunnels) when the number of locations increases.

The training room had good equipment, PCs for each student, WLAN with access to the lab network as well as to the Internet for our laptops, even silly little things like Mr. Watch:

Yeah, I named a toy … Anyway, the training center facilities were excellent, surprisingly good food at the canteen and all kinds of relaxation methods:

Some of my colleagues playing a quick round of table soccer. The game can become quite violent, as I had the opportunity to witness. But kinda cool.

All in all it was a productive way of spending three days away from work. But tomorrow I am going back to my office, what a mess. Oh well ;-)

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