How fast do you type?

I saw recently on Chrisa’s blog a post about how fast we type and I remembered about a small program which I used to train my typing many years ago. It was made kinda like a Space Invaders game, with letters and words falling down and you had to “shoot” them by typing the corresponding letters. Good old days ;-)

But anyway, I can blow my own horn for a bit so here is my result:

72 words

Typing Test

That game helped me a lot, it’s amazing how much time you can save when you get over the point where you have to look at the keyboard when you type.

So, how fast can you type ? :)

8 Responses to “How fast do you type?”

  1. Babanul.ANdrei Babanul says:

    Io-te la mine….
    50 de cuvinteSpeedtest

  2. Stefan says:

    [:en]Not bad ;-)[:ro]Nu’i rau ;-)

  3. Ireena says:

    82 de cuvinte :D si sunt pe pozitia 11.832. Ma intreb cat de repede pot sa tasteze cele 11.831 de persoane care se afla inaintea mea :-s.

  4. Stefan says:

    Mai sa fie ;-) Trebuie sa incerc si eu varianta in romana.

  5. Ana says:

    Am descoperit blogul tau recent, ca urmare a unui post de la dono (mai degraba a comentariului de acolo).
    Si citind fila cu fila, am descoperit testul asta de care uitasem – si evident, vreau sa ma laud :)
    You reached 338 points, so you achieved position 1129 of 16347 on the ranking list
    You type 445 characters per minute
    You have 83 correct words and
    you have 1 wrong words
    Eu continui sa citesc ca sa ajung la zi si sa te trec in reader :)
    O zi cat mai frumoasa!

  6. Stefan says:

    Buna Ana, bine ai venit. Se pare ca m’ai luat, vad ca trebuie sa mai exersez un pic ;-)

    Oricum, imi pare bine ca mai sunt persoane care imi citesc nimicurile mele, ne mai vedem pe aici poate.

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