No Internets!

What a shitty weekend, excuse my french. As I was saying earlier, Deutsche Telekom was kinda late in sending me the access information. To cut a long story short (not to mention that I get pissed off again if I think about it too much) on friday I manged to get a temporary DSL connection after a LOT of “discussions” with the people from the T-Punkts. The idea was that I can use this connection until the stuff that I ordered becomes available (16 Mbps Entertain package with IPTV and all kind of flatrates included). Surprise, surprise, they even activated it on friday afternoon. It worked fine until saturday before noon when it died again :evil:

It seems there was a bigger problem in our area and monday morning it was solved but we were left without internet access during the weekend. That was really bad. Anyway, we did all kind of things in the house, it’s not like we don’t have stuff to do. And I started to play again Mass Effect :oops: It’s an excellent game, I recommend it.

Still, in order to avoid such painful moments, I ordered a USB UMTS stick from Vodafone. From what I read it should even work with my Fritzbox. It’s a prepaid deal so access is not really cheap (4.95 € per 24h) but this is only for backup so it’s acceptable. What kind of speeds I will get, I don’t know yet. In theory we live in what Vodafone calls “UMTS Broadband” area so I should be getting speeds up to 3.6 Mbps but we’ll see.

In other news: Freya makes some delicious “Red Rice”. More details and pictures in a future post ;-)


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