Don’t be quick to judge

It’s kinda difficult to park around the house because it’s very close to the old city center. In the middle of the square there is a public parking where you can only park if you pay, and right in front of the house we have a pedestrian zone. On the streets around the square there are marked places where residents can park. I have a permit for the pedestrian zone but it’s only short term, for loading/unloading, and I also have a resident parking permit which I can use to park on the streets around the square. Depending on the time of the day, it can be quite difficult to find a free spot.

Yesterday I had to go some places (I finally got my driving license back 8-) ) and when I came back, I tried to find a parking spot but without much success. After driving  around couple of times, I noticed someone getting ready to leave from a resident spot so I stopped, signaled and waited for that woman to leave.

Behind me there was another car, waiting for the same spot probably, hoping maybe that I would go somewhere else. The woman leaves, I park in her spot and the guy behind me pulls over and signals me to lower my window. I do that and he proceeds  to tell me that I should not park in there, that’s a spot only for residents, that you need a permit, that I will get a ticket and a lot of other mumbojumbos. He seemed a bit upsed that I took “his” spot.  I was just quietly watching him, waiting for him to finish his stuff. At the end, I just lifted my permit from the dashboard and calmly showed it to him without saying anything. The guy realized instantly he kinda made a fool of himself, apologized and left.

Most likely, all this started because I got the permit for the company car, which does not have local license plates (my company’s offices are outside this Kreis). The dude must’ve thought I am just another dumb tourist which parks on the resident’s spots instead of using the paid parking.

This is what happens if people are quick to jump to conclusions without having enough information. I wish they would be a bit more open-minded and would think a bit out of the box because appearances can be deceiving. But what can you do …

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