Red Rice

One of the meals Freya cooks extremely well is Red Rice. I learned to cook it as well but somehow it still seems hers is better.  Or maybe just different. My opinion anyway. I guess you can’t have everything ;-)

You start with 250g of chicken cut in pices, not too big, and you cook them in a bit of oil. In the pan you also put one peperoni sliced in small pieces, one red pepper cut in small pieces (without seeds, I would say) and an onion cut in small pieces. Meanwhile you prepare the rice. You need a pot with some water in it, you let it boil then you add the rice (one coffee cup, 150ml or something like that) and you let it boil like that for 10 minutes. This can depend on the type of rice, we usually use the Basmati type.

When the rice is done and the pieces of chicken have a brown’ish color, you put it in the pan on top of the chicken, you add tomato paste and you stir them all together. You might need a little bit more oil if it does not stir well. We also add some hot chillies powder and salt but that’s up to you. And that’s it! Here what it looks like:

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  1. Suzi says:

    Arata bine si promite multe!:) O sa incerc si eu, de ce nu! O sa spun cum mi-a iesit :)

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