Exploding cans

In the town where I used to live there is a butcher shop which has good meat products, already made meals, etc. Among other things, they sell all kind of canned foods, homemade stuff. I usually get cans of “Schweinebraten”, pork meat in its own gravy, which is a kind of meal typical to the southern part of Germany. Looks like this:

Very tasty, we always liked whatever we bought there. Until they screwed up last week, that is. One of the cans we bought there just … exploded. 8-O

It was in a cabinet in the kitched and it just exploded with a loud bang. The can is kinda big (220g of meat inside, with gravy) and all that meat and gravy were all over the place in that cabinet. The bang was strong enough to knock a shelf out and do an even bigger mess.

The meat smelled really bad, it was fermented or something which most likely caused the can to blow up. I was not at home at the time so Freya called me to tell me the “good” news. Considering that she had to clean that mess, my popularity index with her dropped to an all-time low for a while, that was my can after all … Nobody was in the mood to take pictures of the war zone but I guess it would’ve made for an interesting picture.

The bottom of the can is supposed to be flat, not bulged out like that, the metal is quite thick. And the missing part was just blown away clean. Excellent. I am really not sure if I want to buy something else from that place again. The whole thing could’ve been quite dangerous if someone had opened the cabinet door at that time. I assume I could actually have sued them.

Shit happens everywhere …

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