Dreams and UFOs

Last night I had a weird dream. Usually I can’t remember my dreams but this one was an exception. In my dream, aliens were attacking Earth. I only remember bits and pieces but I do recall some kind of ships similar with the Drej mothership from “Titan A.E.“, which were flying back and forth destroying buildings with some kind of laser beams. It’s true I saw that movie lots of times but not recently. I also like post-apocalyptic movies even though I know they are just Hollywood money-making machines. But on well .. what, can I do, I like them :oops:

I know, stupid dream. But it’s kinda interesting to notice how the brain combines different images and events into a relatively fluent dream with “action” and stuff.

In any case, let’s get back to UFOs. It’s subject which fascinated me since I was a kid, I read many books about it back then and lots of info online since the Internet came up. Maybe this is a reason too for my dream even though I never had dreams with killer aliens so far. I personally  believe UFOs are real but, obviously, there are many opinions. The are couple of main ideas:

  1. UFOs are real, they have extremely advanced technology and they come from all kind of places: space, future, paralel universes, etc.
  2. Some UFOs are real (see 1.)  and some are US special projects (damn americans, they have it all …) reverse-engineered from crashed real UFOs
  3. UFOs do not exist, they are figments of our imagination, hot-air baloons, flares, weather phenomenonn, planes, optical ilusions, reflections, etc.

What can I say, each with his/hers own opinion. Number 2. seems probable but it kinda makes you think. These sightings are reported all over the world, in all kind of shapes, sizes and colors. We either have a whole planet full of crazy people or some of those sightings have to be real.

The thing is, if I would be the US government and I would posses such crafts capable of unbelievable performance compared to our actual technology, would I fly them all over populated areas risking that a malfunction might cause a crash?  Sounds kinda stupid. No, I would keep and test them somewhere remote, away from prying eyes. Like Area 51 ? Some like that. And another thing. Those UFOs were reported in all kind of shapes and sizes: disk, triangle, bumerang, V-Shape, cylinder and many other. I kinda tend to believe that had they been manufactured on Earth, we would’ve kept working on a certain shape, not start being artistic about it.

I am subscribed to the RSS Feed from UFO Stalker, a website where everyone can post a UFO sighting, with details, possible pictures, etc. You can see the sightings in real-time on a Google map. Of course, some of those are probably fake or not real but there are so many of them that some of them have to be real.

In any case, it seems very arogant for us to believe we are alone and unique in the Universe. If we don’t know (yet!) how to deal with the vast space distances that does not mean other civilizations didn’t figure it out.

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