Games and roleplaying

About 8 years or so ago I started playing for the first time online games. Back then it was “Unreal Tournament“, an excellent  first-person shooter. I used to be pretty good at it, I was part of a clan and I was playing in all kind of online matches. Soon after that a guy from work (Hi Volker!) told me about “Everquest” (official website). I ordered it, installed it and started playing shortly after that.

I was instantly hooked! I had always been a fan of the fantasy genre and the immersion that this game provided was amazing. I still remember the feeling of wonder as I was exploring the game world, discovering new zones, doing quests, interacting with people and so on. By today’s standards the game graphics were nothing to write home about but back then they seemed amazing to me. The gameplay is what hooked you.

Even though you can play alone, the game promotes the concept of group playing and after a while I joined a guild, a group of players working towards a common goal. 3 years later when I stopped playing the game I had already had an amazing time and had made a lot of friends ingame. It was during this time that I picked up the concept of roleplaying. Basically roleplaying means you act like your ingame character, leaving the “real life” at the door. I almost always played a dark elf and since they were supposed to be enemies of the “good races”, like the high elves and the like, we always had this good-natured “hate” against them.

This lead to some interesting events and after a while I started writing short stories  based on the Everquest universe. The other day I was browsing the old forums of my guild and found some of the roleplaying stories I posted there. I thought it would be interesting to repost them on the blog. They are all in english and unfortunately they will stay like that. It’s not something I can easily translate, some things just look  plain weird in Romanian. They are a bit dark perhaps and there is some violence in them but again, they are supposed to be roleplaying stories and show how the Everquest  looked like through my character’s eyes. Which was a dark elf necromancer, by the way.

You can view the stories by clicking the new item in the menu at the top of the page or, if you read this through your RSS reader, just click here: Fantasy/Roleplaying. Like I said, they were written some 7 years ago or so and I am sure they have some mistakes in them but I decided to post them the way they are, without correcting them too much. Enjoy ;-)

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